5 processing tips

5 tips for hydrophobizing granite and marble:

  1. Always test on the back of the stone, in a small area, before applying stone water protection. During testing, pay attention to whether the color of the stone will change, whether such changes will suit you, how long the water repellent dries on your stone (for stones with different densities, this time can vary greatly), what thickness layer you need to apply, whether a single application of impregnation will be enough.
  2. The stone protector should be applied in stages (break the entire surface of the stone into small areas). The size of these areas will depend on how quickly your water repellant dries in order to remove excess from the entire area.
  3. After applying the water repellent for the stone, the excess must be removed immediately (for this you have from 5 to 7 minutes, depending on the type of stone), otherwise a sticky foam will form.
  4. No impregnation will give you eternal protection from pollution, it only gives you extra time to remove them. On average, it is 20-30 minutes. Then coffee or wine will still pass through the impregnation layer and dirt will remain on the stone.
  5. Having bought a water repellent for a stone, do not forget that the treated surface cannot be washed with alkaline or acid cleaners, this can corrode the impregnation. In such cases, neutral stone cleaners are used.

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