Natural stone: from origin to product

Granite rocks were formed during the solidification of magma that broke through to the surface layers of the earth’s crust.

Limestones and marbles are sedimentary rocks formed with the participation of organisms in marine basins.

Stone deposits are mainly located in mountainous areas. Blocks of stone in quarries are mined by drilling, sawing, and less often by explosion. Slabs (from the English. slab – plate, sheet) and tiles are often sawn from blocks in industries near these mining quarries.

Stone is delivered to St. Petersburg in the form of blocks, slabs and tiles.

The selection and purchase of material for projects takes place in several warehouses, where you can evaluate its decorative effect, quality and make a preliminary cutting.

The MLForm company carries out all preliminary and design preparation of works, as well as the selection, quality assessment, purchase and storage of stone.

Our production is equipped with modern stone processing equipment from Italy and Germany.

Highly qualified craftsmen with many years of experience work.

Delivery in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region is carried out by our own transport. We carry out installation work of any complexity and at the highest quality level.